Semarang, City in the City

Garden city concept that was stated by Howard is an old one and cannot be applied anymore, because it makes a lot of problems. Meanwhile, it has been already adopted in several cities in Indonesia, including Semarang, which is planned by Dutch Planner, Thomas Kartsen. According to Kartsen’s plan, residential has been concentrated in sub urban area like Manyaran, Kedungmundu, and Banyumanik district. 

The city center known as Simpang Lima and Tugu Muda district. There always traffic jammed, pollution, stress or accident potential happen there between 06:30-09:00 and 15:30-18:00 as an impact of people’s movement. This is the negative impact of garden city.

It was not only dealing with road signs, but the most important thing is how to re arrange the city with the new concept, the new brand, which known as ‘city in the city’. We should rebuild some new downtown in sub urban districts, like Manyaran, Kedungmundu or Banyumanik, so that people can able to work, go to school, do business, and enjoy the leisure in those new down towns which can be reach in a short time. 

This concept will make positive impact to the environment because it will reduce the gasoline consumption. City in the city can be one of the solution for all of the people in Semarang city.

(This article is one of abstract for proceeding in National Seminar, City Branding Semarang, 9th August 2011. Original article from Kompas Newspaper)

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